Everything About Hoya Krimson Queen

Hoya Krimson Queen

The Hoya Krimson Queen offers up lovely variegated foliage with pink accents and the easy-care sensibilities of a Hoya. Like all Hoyas, the Krimson Queen has thick, waxy foliage and an epiphytic vining growth habit. This particular variety is a Hoya carnosa (Hoya is the genus, carnosa is the species, and Krimson Queen is the subspecies). If you are into Hoyas or plants with pink variegation, or easy-care houseplants, then the Krimson Queen may be for you.

Get to Know the Queen

In nature, the trailing vines can reach a staggering 12 feet long, but plants grown indoors typically grow several feet long, pending proper Hoya care. This plant is sometimes known as Hoya tri-color, strawberries and cream, or Hoya carnosa variegata.

Brand-new leaves are a vibrant shade of pink and gradually fade to light pink or creamy white with age. The center of mature leaves is often dark green, with pink and white hues framing the outer edges. Some leaves may have limited or no green, remaining just pink and white. It’s worth noting that leaves without any green tend to wilt due to the lack of chlorophyll, so enjoy them while they last but don’t worry if they quickly die.

Succulent Care

Royal Lineage

The Hoya Krimson Queen is often confused with the Hoya Krimson Princess. These plants are similar in appearance, but there are some notable differences. Most notably, the Princess has the reverse color scheme of the Queen. The Hoya Krimson Queen has green foliage with white and pink borders, and the Hoya Krimson Princess has green borders surrounding white and pink centers. The vegetation of the queen is more textured, and the leaves are thinner.

Hoya Krimson Queen Light Requirements

This beauty needs bright indirect sunlight. Several feet back from a south-facing window is a good home for the Krimson Queen. Lots of light is necessary for the leaves to maintain their variegation. Avoid direct sunlight, which will burn the striking foliage. Directly in an east- or west-facing window are also a good spot for Hoyas.

If you don’t have a good spot for a Hoya, you can make the plant feel at home with a grow light. Adjust the timer, and your plant will receive the ideal light daily.

How Often to Water the Krimson Queen

Let the soil dry out before watering Hoya Krimson Queen plants. These plants are succulents; while they need water, they like it in moderation. Feel the potting mix to gauge the dampness, use a moisture meter, or regularly lift the container to get an understanding of how heavy it feels when the soil is dry. Saturate the entire root ball when watering and allow excess water to drain through the pot.

Yellow tips on the foliage are an early sign of overwatering. Brown or black and mushy stems are a sign of severe overwatering. Let the soil completely dry out at the first sign of overwatering. Shriveled foliage indicates the plant is too dry. Try to avoid one extreme or the other for proper Hoya care.

Hoya Krimson Queen

Best Soil for Krimson Queen

Lightweight, well-drained soil is ideal for Hoya carnosa plants. Most ready-made potting mixes are good but mix in perlite or coco coir for a more appropriate soil mix.

Temperature for Hoya Krimson Queen

If you’re warm, then your Hoya Krimson Queen will be fine. Temperatures between 60° to 90° F are ideal. You can move this lovely plant to an outdoor space in the summer, ensuring you keep it out of direct sunlight. Hoyas carnosa plants are more likely to bloom in warm conditions, so clear a space on a porch or covered patio.

Hoya Krimson Queen Humidity Needs

While these plants are adaptable and can live in average humidity, high humidity is preferred. The Krimson Queen likes 70% to 80% humidity; high humidity is also necessary for flower production. Place this plant in a naturally humid area of your home or use a pebble tray or humidifier to increase the moisture level.

Hoya Krimson Queen Fertilizer Tips

Feed your Krimson Queen using a balanced fertilizer once per month during the growing season. Routine fertilizer applications keep the plant happy and trailing and sets the plant up to bloom. Stop fertilizing the plant during the winter when it is dormant.

Hoya carnosa

Does the Krimson Queen Bloom?

The Hoya Krimson Queen does bloom. Sweet-scented pink flowers with red centers bloom in clusters on the end of a stem known as a peduncle. Only mature Hoya plants bloom, so be patient and give your Hoya Krimson Queen time.

When to Repot the Krimson Queen 

Most Hoya plants are content to hang out in their pots for a while, but the Krimson Queen is a fast-growing plant (by Hoya standards) that will need to be repotted every couple of years. Upgrading the container is also an opportunity to freshen up the soil, further supporting new growth.

Hoya Krimson Queen Propagation

Hoyas need time to form roots, but they are otherwise easy to propagate via cuttings. Each cutting should have at least a couple of leaves and growth nodes near the bottom portion of the stem. The cut end can be placed in water or soil. Ensure the cuttings receive plenty of bright indirect light and humidity to help encourage the plant to set roots.

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Is the Krimson Queen Pet Safe?

The Hoya Krimson Queen is pet safe, making this an excellent houseplant for homes with pets. With that said, eating Hoya foliage or stems can cause an upset stomach, so while it’s not toxic, it also shouldn’t be eaten. Keep the Krimson Queen up, out of reach of nosey dogs and cats if necessary.

Hoya Carnosa Styling Tips

Lovely variegated foliage makes styling the Krimson Queen easy, but this plant has more in store than just pink-hued leaves. This Hoya is epiphytic in nature, meaning it latches onto trees and other plants to better position itself. The ability to climb makes the Hoya Krimson Queen a good match for a trellis or moss pole. Give this plant something to climb, and it will get to work. You can also let the stems hang down for a colorful curtain of foliage. Plants in a hanger will often trail and climb so that you can enjoy both aspects of this plant’s personality.

Hoya Krimson Queen Care Tips

The Krimson Queen requires near identical care to other Hoya plants, particularly Hoya carnosa varieties. Plenty of sunlight is vital to maintain the lovely variegation; otherwise, this plant is laid-back and easy to grow.