I’ve been caring for and writing about plants for years, but writing and plants were two parts of my life that I kept separate for a long time. I’ve worked as a proofreader, writer, and editor for online publications and retail sites, and it’s work I enjoy. More recently, I’ve written about houseplants and landscape plants for several industry-leading sites.

Outside of my career, my family owned and operated a floral supply business for a couple of generations, and I grew up on an orchard, so I developed an interest in plants at a young age. My mom has always had an extensive houseplant collection and is an avid gardener, so when I wasn’t learning about pruning fruit trees or growing tomatoes, I was finding out how to propagate Pothos cuttings. After some careful consideration, I decided to merge my writing skills and plant knowledge, and I’m happy I did. I hope you can learn more about plant care along with me.

Plants Are Life

I have an extensive plant collection that sometimes feels like it is overtaking my home. Pothos and Hoyas are my favorites, but I’ve brought on some Calthea, Sansevervia, a Palm, and more. During the summer, I spend a lot of time in my vegetable garden, and I’m constantly reworking a plan to make the garden bigger and better. I’ve taken more of an interest in landscape plants, and around Memorial Day, I will likely be found impatiently waiting for my peonies to bloom.

Plants are lovely and interesting, and they also help me chill out and forget about the stress of day-to-day life and work. While I really enjoy caring for my plants and expanding my collection, I also enjoy gifting plants and getting other people interested in the hobby.

Plant Care Knowledge

Through good advice, trial and error, and many online searches, I’ve amassed a good amount of plant knowledge. I’ve successfully grown a lemon tree from a seed, but I also mistakenly pruned my hydrangea at the wrong time, so I’m always learning and implementing new information and techniques into my plant care practices. Friends and family routinely reach out to ask questions about why their prayer plants are failing or if I have tips to get their Christmas cacti to bloom. I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned with the plant community.

I hope to inspire and save you from some of the plant mistakes I’ve made. The plant community is a lovely space that I have enjoyed exploring. There are so many knowledgeable individuals, and I want to give back by helping others. Whether you are new to plants or you already know a thing or two, I hope I can be an additional resource for plant care knowledge. 

Let’s Learn Together

I’m always learning, so I’ll provide updates as relevant. I plan to share my successes and failures so that you can learn along with me. Please reach out if you have questions or if there are specific topics you want to learn more about.