How to Keep Monstera Upright

Keep Monstera Upright

Monstera deliciosa are large leafy plants that put on an impressive foliage display. The broad, glossy leaves have deep splits that create an inviting and tropical atmosphere. Monsteras are easy-care houseplants, but they sometimes require a few tricks and tips to look their best. A common issue many plant owners face is a Monstera leaning to one side. All Monstera plants can develop a lean. Monstera deliciosa plants are more likely to lean due to their large size and fast growth rate. Here’s how to keep Monstera upright.

Why Do Monstera Lean?

Monstera deliciosas are large plants that can quickly overtake a space, especially with proper Monstera care. A plant in a sunny spot with a good watering and fertilizing routine will bulk up and become an imposing presence. A large plant is great if you want a stunning specimen and a statement-worthy floor plant, as long as you have the space. 

Monstera leaning to one side

If your Monstera is leaning to one side, it is likely because you are not rotating the plant. Plants always reach for sunlight. A plant that is never moved will develop a lean as it continues to grow toward the light. A leaning Monstera will have a lopsided appearance and often be full and lush on one side. The opposite side will be sparse and may have smaller foliage. 

Large plants can become unsteady, making them prone to tip or fall to one side. A leaning Monstera is not just unsightly, but it can also be bad news for the plant. Stems can snap, leaves can tear, and potting soil will spill if a Monstera plant tips over. Correcting the lean makes the plant more symmetrical and can also prevent damage and a mess.

Give Your Monstera a Spin

Preemptively prevent Monstera leaning to one side by periodically spinning the plant. Give the pot a quarter turn each time you water it. Rotating the plant ensures each side receives even sunlight. 

The plant will still lean to one side, but the lean will be slight and not have enough time to become pronounced. Rotating the plant basically corrects the lean by forcing the plant to grow in a new direction with each spin. Combining rotating with watering makes it easy to remember to spin the plant and ensures each side receives proper light. 

Keep Monstera Upright

Support Your Monstera

Rotating the pot can keep Monstera upright, but sometimes it isn’t enough, especially for large plants. Another technique to keep Monstera upright is to give the plant support, like a trellis or moss pole. Staking the plant helps the foliage remain upright. An upright plant looks its best and is less likely to tip and fall. 

Monstera deliciosa are natural climbers. In nature, these epiphytic plants never fall over and grow on trees and anything within reach using their aerial roots. Put these roots to work by giving the plant a stake or something it can use as a guide and support to grow upright. You may need to loosely tie the stems to the support to train the plant, but the aerial roots will latch on with time. Monstera plants with a substantial lean may need to be trained to grow upright gradually. Don’t force the plant, especially if it will damage stems, but work to slowly and continuously move the plant a little at a time until it is upright. 

Keep Your Monstera Upright

There are lots of benefits to keeping Monstera upright. The plant looks full and lush, is less likely to fall over, and will more easily fit into a space. Rotating the pot is a technique that should be used for all plants, while staking is more effective on large plants. These steps will keep Monstera plants upright and prevent leaning to one side.