Houseplant Care Articles

How often do you water succulents? Exactly how much sunlight does sansevieria need? Brush up on your houseplant care skills and learn what your indoor plants need to thrive.

  • Do Hoyas Like Humidity?

    Hoyas are lovely houseplants that come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, but whatever type, this plant always looks stunning. What makes Hoyas so wonderful is that they are approachable houseplants that are easy enough for a newbie but still present a challenge to a seasoned pro. The one potentially tricky aspect of Hoya care…

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    Do Hoyas Like Humidity
  • How to Select the Right Potting Soil for Your Houseplant

    Potting soil is a necessary part of growing houseplants that drastically impacts how the plant grows. It seems like you should be able to toss a plant in dirt, and it will grow, but that’s not the case. The composition and makeup of the mix provide different values. If you use the wrong potting mix,…

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    Potting soil
  • Everything About Calathea Medallion

    All of the things you’ve heard about Calatheas are probably true. These are stunning tropical plants that are fussy but worth the extra effort. The beautiful leaves have uniquely variegated patterns, and they gradually lift and nod throughout the day, adding even more intrigue and interest. The Calathea Medallion, like all Prayer Plants, is particular,…

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    Goeppertia Medallion
  • Everything About Black Gold Snake Plant

    Whether you know them as Sansevierias or Draceanas, snake plants are charming houseplants that are some of the easiest to maintain. The Black Gold Snake Plant is a looker that has some truly spectacular foliage. Snake plants are good for beginners, foliage admirers, anyone with a challenging spot in need of greenery, or anyone who…

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    Black Gold Snake Plant