Hoya Krimson Princess Care

Hoya Krimson Princess

The Hoya Krimson Princess has the same easy-care requirements as other Hoyas but boasts some truly lovely variegation. The Krimson Princess is a rare Hoya, but it is much easier to find than it was a few years ago. This Hoya isn’t a houseplant you’ll likely find at a grocery store or big box home improvement store, although anything is possible. Head to a plant store or nursery if you want to add this Hoya to your collection. Here’s what you need to know about Hoya Krimson Princess care.

Hoya Krimson Princess vs. Hoya Krimson Queen

Officially known as Hoya carnosa ‘Krimson Princess, this plant features ovate, waxy leaves that grow on thin, reddish-pink stems. The Krimson Princess is a vining epiphyte naturally found in the tropical rainforests of Southeast and East Asia. 

The Hoya Carnosa has solid green foliage, making it easy to identify. The Hoya Krimson Queen and Princess look similar, but they are easy to tell apart once you know what to look for. The Krimson Princess has thick, smooth leaves compared to the Krimson Queen. The leaves feature creamy white centers with hints of pink, surrounded by dark green margins. New leaves can be washed in a deep dark fuschia before settling into a creamy white with hints of bubblegum hue. The Krimson Queen features an opposite variegation pattern with white and pink borders surrounding green centers.

The Krimson Princess can naturally have a few solid green leaves, but it does not have solid white or pink leaves. The Krimson Queen can have the occasional white leaf.

Hoya Krimson Princess Light Requirements

Give the Krimson Queen bright, indirect sunlight. Hoya Carnosa plants can live in medium light, but the Krimson Princess needs higher light levels to maintain its variegation. A spot near a south-facing window will provide enough light, or consider an east- or west-facing window.

Light Tips 

Rotate the plant every so often so each side receives even sunlight. Direct sunlight is okay in small amounts, like early light in an east window. Too much direct light will burn the foliage. Sunburn appears as black or brown spots on the foliage. The white and pink portions tend to burn first, but the entire leaf can burn when exposed to too much direct sunlight.

Plants in medium light will lose variegation and have more green and less white and pink. Increase the sunlight to increase the variegation. Some leaves may naturally be entirely green, so don’t worry if you notice a few solid green leaves throughout the plant. If more than half of the foliage is solid green, or the non-variegated leaves are mostly in one area, you’re dealing with a plant that does not receive enough sunlight. Move the Krimson Princess to a sunnier location or use a grow light to control the light.

Hoya Krimson Princess

How Often to Water Krimson Princess

Water the Krimson Princess when the soil is dry throughout the container but before the plant shows signs of dehydration. You’ll need to get to know your plant before you can determine just the right time to water, and you’ll likely miss the mark a few times, but you’ll figure it out. The leaves will pucker when the Hoya is underwatered before turning yellow and falling from the plant. Hoyas are much more forgiving when under-watered, so wait another day if you’re unsure.

The conditions around the plant determine how quickly the soil dries, so it’s impossible to say water every certain number of days because that number will change. Typically, Hoyas need water weekly during the growing season and scale back to watering every other week when the plant is dormant.

Get the soil completely wet when it is time to water. Saturate the potting mix until water drains through the container. While you’re at it, rinse the leaves in a sink or tub when watering to remove dust and put the variegation on full display. Gently shake the plant to remove any water pooling in the foliage.

Soil Requirements

Well-draining soil is a must for the Krimson Princess. A ready-made general potting mix for houseplants is a good start, and mix in some perlite or sand to improve drainage.

Temperature for Krimson Princess

Temperatures between 60° to 90° F are preferred for Hoyas. Extreme warm weather is not likely to damage the plant if it is clear of direct sunlight. Cold weather can be a problem. Chilly temperatures and frosty conditions will kill the plant, so if you move your Hoya Krimson Princess outdoors for the summer, get it back inside before it’s time to get your sweaters out of storage.

Hoya Krimson Princess Humidity Needs

The Krimson Princess like damp, tropical environments, so it’s a big fan of increased humidity. Plants grown in 70% to 80% humidity will thrive and have plenty of lush foliage. Your plant may be able to make it work in average humidity, but low humidity is a dealbreaker. Plants grown in average or below average humidity may experience slower growth. Hoyas are not fast growers, but if you give your plant increased humidity, it will help it grow as quickly as possible.

Dry patches forming around the edges indicate the humidity is too low. Give the Krimson Princess a boost of moisture with a humidifier or a pebble tray with water. Sometimes grouping plants can increase the dampness in the air just enough.

Hoya Fertilizer Care

Hoyas are not heavy feeders, but it’s still important to fertilize them. These plants love being rootbound, so they don’t get fresh, rich soil often. You can give these plants a nutritional boost by top-dressing the soil with worm castings annually on years the plant is not repotted. You can also apply a balanced, water-soluble plant food monthly during the growing season. Water before fertilizing to reduce the risk of fertilizer burn. Do not feed Hoyas when they are dormant.

Hoya carnosa

Pruning Info

Prune the plant as needed to remove dead or damaged growth. Sunburned leaves or yellow foliage caused by improper watering will not recover; removing damaged leaves is the best thing to do. The flower clusters can be removed when the blooms start to fade, but keep the peduncle, the stem that supports the flowers, because the plant will rebloom from the same spot.

Does Hoya Krimson Princess Bloom?

The Hoya Krimson Princess is lovely as is, but it can become even lovelier because it blooms. Only mature plants bloom, and they require top-level care to set flowers.

When to Repot Krimson Princess 

All Hoyas, including the Krimson Princess, prefer to fit snuggly in their pots. Plan to repot your plant every few years or if you notice the roots growing through the holes in the pot. When the roots are visible, the Krimson Princess is definitely ready for a larger container. Select a new container that is one inch larger. It will take the plant years to outgrow a slightly larger pot, but more importantly, a somewhat larger pot reduces the risk of root rot. Bigger pots hold more soil, which means the soil at the bottom of the container may still be wet by the time the roots dry out.

Krimson Princess Propagation

Don’t be surprised if friends or family members want a cutting of your charming and hard-to-find houseplant. Propagate the Krimson Princess via cuttings. Trim a stem section and remove the lower leaves, exposing the growth nodes. Leave at least two upper leaves. The cut end can be placed in water or sphagnum moss. Make sure the cutting has plenty of light and humidity. Keep the moss damp and swap out the water weekly.

The hardest part about propagating Hoyas is waiting for the roots to form. It can take a month for the cutting to create roots. Move the cutting to a small container with a well-draining potting mix when the roots are at least one inch long. Water when the top couple inches of soil are dry for the first week or two and then transition to the same care you would give an established plant.

Hoya carnosa

Is Hoya Krimson Princess Pet Safe?

The Krimson Princess is safe for cats and dogs. Your furry companion will be safe if they eat the foliage or stems of this plant. Eating a Hoya can cause an upset stomach, so the experience will be unpleasant but not fatal.

Krimson Princess Styling Tips

The Hoya Krimson Princess is a breeze to plant style. The stunning foliage is eye-catching, and the vines can climb or hang to display this plant however works best in your space. Give this Hoya a trellis or moss pole if you want it to climb. A macrame hanger near a sunny window allows the stems to cascade and showcase the pink-hued leaves.

Hoya Krimson Princess Care Tips

The Hoya Carnosa ‘Krimson Princess’ is as lovely as it is easy to grow. This beauty requires plenty of sunlight and humidity, but once it has those things, it generally prefers to be left alone. However, leaving this plant alone is hard because its spectacular foliage will pull you in.