Houseplant Care Articles

How often do you water succulents? Exactly how much sunlight does sansevieria need? Brush up on your houseplant care skills and learn what your indoor plants need to thrive.

  • Black Pagoda Lipstick Plant Care

    The Black Pagoda Lipstick Plant has stunning foliage that stands out partly because of its variegation and because there is so much of it. The Black Pagoda is a full and lush plant that is easy to grow and a good pick for anyone interested in plants, whether a novice or a seasoned pro. Back…

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    zebra basket vine
  • Button Fern Care

    The Button Fern has a delicate and graceful appearance. This easy-care houseplant adds loads of texture and a subtle pop of color to a space. Ferns have a reputation for being challenging, and the Button is not super easy, but it is more adaptable than many other fern varieties. Here is everything you need to…

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    Pellaea rotundifolia care
  • Everything About Jessenia Pothos

    If you like variegation and Pothos, then the Jessenia is for you. The Jessenia Pothos is one of the newer Pothos varieties available, so it isn’t as easy to find as some of the tried and true cultivars, but it’s worth the search. Jessenia is a slow-growing houseplant that is laid-back and easy to grow.…

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    Jessenia Pothos
  • Hoya Pachyclada Care

    With so many Hoyas available, finding a favorite is challenging, but the Hoya pachyclada is a unique cultivar worth considering. This vining Hoya has broad foliage with a fuzzy texture for something unexpected. Help your pachyclada thrive by following these tips. All About Pachyclada Foliage is always the most noticeable thing about a plant; the…

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    Hoya Pachyclada