Houseplant Care Articles

How often do you water succulents? Exactly how much sunlight does sansevieria need? Brush up on your houseplant care skills and learn what your indoor plants need to thrive.

  • Aluminum Plant Care

    Aluminum Plant is a strange name if you’ve never seen a Pilea cadierei, but once you lay your eyes on this beauty, it will all make sense. This easy-care houseplant has a vintage vibe and first became popular in the U.S. in the 1970s. While this dainty stunner has slipped in popularity lately, it still…

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    Pilea cadierei Aluminum Plant
  • How to Tell Holiday Cactus Apart

    Most people have heard of the Christmas cactus, but there are also Thanksgiving and Easter cactus varieties. While they are all similar, there are subtle and not-so-subtle differences. Identify these plants by their unique segmented stems and stunning tubular flowers. Learn more about the different holiday cactus types and how to distinguish these plants. Plant…

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    Holiday cactus types
  • Chinese Fan Palm Care

    The symmetrical fronds of the Chinese Fan Palm are what make this easy-care houseplant stand out. Palms always set a tropical tone, but this one has a quiet luxury vibe. The Chinese Fan Palm is somewhat rare and more likely to turn up at a local plant shop than at a big box store. Find…

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    Livistona chinensis care
  • Everything About Global Green Pothos

    The Global Green is a new Pothos variety quickly becoming a well-loved favorite. This easy-care houseplant is everything you love about Pothos but with subtle variegation. While Global Green hasn’t been available long, it has quickly made a name for itself. Learn about Global Green Pothos care and why this leafy plant may be your…

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    Epipremmum aureum Global Green