Do Christmas Cactus Like Humidity?

Christmas Cactus Like Humidity

Christmas cactus are lush plants with unique segmented foliage known for bold, tubular flowers. More commonly known as Holiday Cactus, these plants are easy-to-grow houseplants. The cactus family comprises a range of plants, from prickly desert cacti to tropical forest cacti. Christmas cactus plants are forest cacti that hail from rainforests in South America. If you’ve wondered, do Christmas Cactus like humidity? The answer lies in this plant’s tropical origins.

Holiday Cactus Types

Christmas Cactus is a specific type of plant, but there are similar but different plants. The plants often go by the same name, Christmas Cactus, but they are sometimes referenced as Holiday Cactus. The plants have identical care needs and can be distinguished by the shape of the foliage.

  • Schlumbergera x buckleyi (Christmas Cactus)
  • Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri (Easter Cactus)
  • Schlumbergera truncate (Thanksgiving Cactus)

Christmas Cactus Care

Proper Christmas cactus care is vital for the plants to grow, bloom, and flourish. A well-rounded approach to plant care is essential for plants to look their best. Holiday cacti are known as low-maintenance, and they are, but they do require some basic care.

Christmas Cactus Humidity

Christmas cacti prefer average to just above average humidity, so Christmas cactus like humidity. This plant can easily live in average humidity, but it will appreciate extra air moisture. Humidity that measures 50% to 60% is ideal for Christmas Cacti. High humidity, above 60%, is not likely an issue, although plants grown in a damp environment may need water less often.

Routinely inspect the foliage of your Christmas Cactus and look for signs of low humidity damage. Plants that live in an environment that is too dry will turn brown along the edges of the foliage. Low humidity may also prevent the plants from setting flower buds and blooming. Low humidity is not necessarily the culprit if your Christmas Cactus is not blooming, but it may be a contributing factor.

Improve Humidity for Christmas Cactus

Tropical plants typically have high humidity needs, and it’s normal for plant owners to increase humidity in their homes. Grouping plants together can increase the dampness in the immediate area. Creating a curated cluster of houseplants can also up the style factor.

Other solutions to increase the humidity include using a humidifier or a pebble tray. Humidifiers come in all shapes and sizes, so finding one that gets the job done while fitting into your space is easy. A pebble tray with water may be a better fit for areas that need a slight boost in dampness. You’ll need a tray or platter that can be filled with water. Pie plates are a good choice and work well. Fill the tray with pebbles or decorative stones and add water until even with the top of the pebbles. Set the potted plant on top. The pebbles should elevate the plant and keep it above the water, so water does not seep into the drainage holes.

Christmas Cactus Like Humidity

Monitor the Seasons

Low humidity is a constant reality in arid climates but can be a seasonal issue in other areas. If your home is prone to dry air during the winter, you may need to address the humidity during the colder months. Keeping up with your plants throughout the year but paying special attention during the change of seasons is an excellent way to ensure your plants are happy and healthy. Catching issues early also enables you to put a solution in place before things escalate.

Christmas Cactus Like Humidity

Humidity is one part of proper Christmas Cactus care. Back to the question, do Christmas Cactus like humidity? The answer is yes. Christmas cacti are tropical plants that are adaptable but prefer conditions similar to their native habitat.