The 10 Best Indoor Flowering Plants

best indoor flowering plants anthurium

Foliage is lovely, but there is something about a houseplant flowering that is eye-catching and will make you stop in your tracks. Flowers introduce even more color and texture and make a strong visual impact. Not all houseplants bloom, and not all houseplants that bloom produce worthwhile flowers, but here are some of the best indoor flowering plants.

Choose the Right Plants

Lots of plants are capable of blooming, but only under specific conditions. If you want a houseplant to bloom, then make sure to select a plant that is capable of blooming indoors. The Bird of Paradise has absolutely lovely flowers that are timeless and sleek and often only appear on plants grown outdoors under ideal conditions. The conditions inside of a home are enough to support the plant, but this leafy beauty seldom blooms inside. 

If you want to enjoy flowers, select a plant that can bloom inside. Also consider the needs of the plant and your availability and skill level. Fortunately, some of the best indoor flowering plants are also some of the easiest to grow.

best indoor flowering plants

1. Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are elegant and stately. Spadix and spathe flowers bloom on top of tall stems above glossy foliage. The long-lasting flowers can bloom for over a month, and with proper care, these beauties may bloom multiple times a year.

2. Anthurium

The tropical-looking flowers of Anthurium plants will make you feel like you’re at a far-off destination. Waxy, heart-shaped flowers in vibrant hues demand your attention. Anthuriums often bloom for weeks at a time and can bloom several times throughout the year. Some Anthuriums are grown for their lovely, ornamental foliage, but if you want a flowering variety, check out Anthurium andreanum or Anthurium scherzerianum.

For the sake of being boring and technical, Anthurium flowers are not as showy as they first appear. The actual flowers are tiny and cover a spike known as a spadix. The spadix is surrounded by a single colorful leaf known as a spathe. The spathe looks like a petal, but it’s technically a leaf. The Anthurium varieties prized for lovely flowers really have a lovely spathe, and the varieties grown for ornamental foliage have a plain or non-showy spathe.

3. Bromeliad

The leafy Bromeliad is a not-so-distant relative of pineapples and has a very tropical appearance. Much like Anthurium, the actual flowers of the Bromeliad are deceiving, but these are still some of the best indoor flowering plants. Bromeliads produce flower spikes surrounded by colorful foliage resembling flower petals. The leaves are not technically flowers, but they are breath-taking and really put on a stunning display.

4. African Violet

The charming purple flowers of the African Violet stand out against the velvety foliage. African Violets are some of the easiest flowering houseplants to grow and will bloom several times throughout the year. Many varieties are available, and they are all beautiful.

5. Orchid

Orchids boast some of the most elegant flowers, making them one of the best indoor flowering plants. Blooms often last 6 to 10 weeks. Most people think Orchids are hard to grow, but caring for these beauties is easy. Part of the difficulty of growing Orchids is that the care needs can vary significantly from one variety to another, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Once you learn what your specific plant needs and how to help it thrive, caring for Orchinds is simple. 

6. Holiday Cactus

Tiered, tubular flowers stand out against the flat, green segmented stems and bring lots of cheer during a holiday or otherwise. This plant is sometimes known as Holiday Cactus or Christmas Cactus, and there are other cultivars known as Thanksgiving Cactus and Easter Cactus. Each variety looks similar but can be distinguished by the shape of the stems, and they all bloom at different times of the year.

7. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is a fast-growing, low-maintenance houseplant. As a succulent, the key to caring for a happy and healthy Kalanchoe is plenty of light and leaving it alone. Thick, fleshy leaves often have scalloped edges, and this beauty produces dainty flowers that bloom in clusters. Kalanchoe is easy to grow and a prolific bloomer, making it one of the best indoor flowering plants. 

Aeschynanthus radicans

8. Lipstick Plant

The Lipstick Plant is an excellent choice if you’re into dangling vines and unique flowers. The tubular flowers are showy but in the best way possible. Lipstick Plants can bloom indoors most of the year, providing dependable color. All varieties bloom, but some Lipstick Plants can be hard to find. Aeschynanthus radicans is the most popular and readily available.

9. Hoya

Hoyas have striking, waxy leaves that are worth admiring, and they also bloom. These collectible plants are easy to grow and prefer a small degree of neglect to thrive. Small, star-shaped flowers appear in clusters, often giving off a sweet fragrance. Although, some people report that the flowers of varieties like the Hoya macrophylla have an unpleasant odor.

10. Aloe

The spikey foliage of the Aloe plant is statuesque and lovely all on its own, but this beauty also blooms. Tall spikes often feature bright red, orange, or yellow flowers that last several weeks. Aloe plants only bloom when they reach maturity, so give your plant time because the flowers are worth the wait.