Everything About Global Green Pothos

Epipremmum aureum Global Green

The Global Green is a new Pothos variety quickly becoming a well-loved favorite. This easy-care houseplant is everything you love about Pothos but with subtle variegation. While Global Green hasn’t been available long, it has quickly made a name for itself. Learn about Global Green Pothos care and why this leafy plant may be your new favorite.

Global Event

The Global Green resulted from a naturally occurring mutation and was first discovered in 2016 at a nursery in Japan. This Pothos cultivar has a full and wide form and features splashes of lemony chartreuse surrounded by dark green borders, giving the foliage depth. The heart-shaped leaves may feature random slivers of creamy white variegation, although this is rare. The Global Green Pothos is a medium- to fast-growing plant compared to many other Pothos cultivars, thanks partly to the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves. The leaves can reach up to 8 inches across, and the vines can extend up to 15 feet long.

Global Green Pothos Light Needs

This leafy beauty needs at least 6 hours of medium to bright, indirect light. This Pothos can survive in lower light, but you’ll say goodbye to the sleek green-on-green variegation, and the leaves will grow more sparse. The Global Green naturally has a dense form, but Pothos plants in low light become leggy. Lots of light will maintain the variegation and the dense form. There is no reversing leggy vines after the plant has spent time in low light. You can leave the vines as is or trim those sections to propagate.

East- or west-facing windows or a few feet back from south- or west-facing windows are good spots for Global Green Pothos plants. Avoid direct sunlight, which will burn the leaves. Rotate the pot when you water the plant to provide each side time in the sun.

How Often to Water Pothos

Water your Global Green Pothos when the top few inches of the potting mix is dry. The leaves will wilt or curl when the plant needs water. Water a dry plant right away, and it should bounce back. Plan to water Pothos plants every 7 to 10 days during the growing season and every 14 to 18 days when dormant. Use these guidelines as a reference, but still feel the soil to determine the best time to water. Yellow leaf tips or mushy stems occur when the plant is overwatered. Wait until the soil is dry before giving the plant water and remove any damaged growth.

Rinse the foliage or wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust. Use this time to inspect the plant for signs of pests or trouble because the sooner you identify a problem, the easier it is to fix.

Best Pothos Soil

Rich, loose, well-drained potting mix is best for Pothos plants. Most ready-made potting soil mixes are a good choice and support new growth.

Temperature for Global Green Pothos

The Global Green Pothos is comfy inside most homes. Extreme temperatures are trouble, but anything between 65° and 85° F is ideal. Relocating the Global Green to a porch or patio during the summer will give the area a lush and tropical vibe, but pay attention to the temperature. Wait until the overnight low is warmer than 55° F before moving it outside, and get it back inside before the temperature drops. Pothos plants can handle warm outdoor temperatures, but they’ll need water more often, so plan accordingly.

Global Green Pothos Humidity Needs

Pothos are adaptable houseplants, and this is very apparent regarding humidity. These are tropical plants that crave high humidity, but they can live very contently in average humidity. Anything over 50% humidity will suffice. Low humidity is a dealbreaker. 

The edges of the leaves dry out when the humidity is low. You can always give the plant the dampness boost it needs with a humidifier. Pebble trays are not always as effective with established vining plants. Humidity changes throughout the year, so you may only need a humidifier during the winter. Keep the plant away from heating vents during the colder months. Blasting the plant with warm air will dry out the foliage.

Global Green Fertilizer Tips

Regular fertilizing allows the Global Green to continually push out new leaves. Feed this Pothos using a balanced fertilizer every two weeks during the spring and summer. Do not feed dormant plants. Use a water-soluble plant food or water before feeding to protect the roots.

Does Global Green Pothos Bloom?

Pothos plants bloom, but the Global Green is so new no one has seen it bloom yet. For what it’s worth, most Pothos plants only bloom under very exacting conditions, and the flowers are not that showy.

Pothos Pruning Tips

Routinely trim back the stems in the early spring to create a full and bushy plant. Consider removing and propagating leggy growth, but otherwise, just remove dead or damaged growth as it appears.

When to Repot Global Green

The Global Green Pothos is a medium- to fast-growing plant, so plan to repot every one to two years. Pothos plants do not like to be root-bound, so check the plant for signs that it needs a new container each spring and repot as needed.

Global Green Propagation

Easily create more Global Green Pothos plants through stem cuttings. Each cutting should measure several inches long and have a couple of leaves and nodes. The nodes appear as small bumps on the stem and will grow into roots during propagation. 

Pothos cuttings can be propagated in soil or water. Keep the potting mix damp but not soggy when soil propagating. Scale back and only water when the top couple of inches of soil are dry after the cutting has established roots. Water-propagated Pothos cuttings can be transplanted into a potting mix when the roots measure a couple of inches long.

Is Global Green Pothos Pet Safe?

The Global Green Pothos is unsafe to have around pets. Eating the foliage or vines can cause swelling of the mouth, tongue, and throat, resulting in difficulty swallowing. Dogs or cats may also experience vomiting after eating any part of a Pothos plant.

Global Green Styling Tips

Plant styling is fun and easy with the Global Green Pothos. New plants often have a full, bushy form, making them a good fit for tabletops or mantles. Older plants with some length to the vines allow for more flexible plant styling. The clear choice is to let the vines cascade from a hanging planter or a high shelf, and while this is a good plan, this Pothos is capable of so much more. Give this vining beauty a moss pole or a trellis, and it will climb. You will need to place and train the vines to start, but the aerial roots will latch on with time.

Global Green Pothos Care Tips

The monochromatic foliage of the Global Green Pothos is stunning. The variegation is a subtle detail that almost goes unnoticed before it pulls you in, and you can’t help but take notice. Like all Pothos, the Global Green is easy to grow and adaptable.