Houseplant Care Articles

How often do you water succulents? Exactly how much sunlight does sansevieria need? Brush up on your houseplant care skills and learn what your indoor plants need to thrive.

  • Prayer Plant Care

    These plants have a reputation for being difficult, but Prayer Plant care is not hard when you understand what these plants need.

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    prayer plant care
  • How to Choose the Right Plant Pots

    Whether you want something subtle that will let the foliage shine or something to dress up your greenery, you have choices. Here’s everything you need to know about plant pots.

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    plant pots
  • Snake Plant Care

    Snake plants are possibly the easiest of all easy-care houseplants. Follow these snake plant care tips to ensure your plants look amazing!

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    Snake Plant care
  • Kalanchoe Care

    Kalanchoe is a tropical succulent commonly grown as a houseplant. Learn more about kalanchoe care and how to encourage this beauty to bloom.

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    Kalanchoe care